Odd Horse

Tall and four legged Full of shapes and colors Sure to stand out And noticed indeed I live in Hawes Valley

Daisy Eyes

Bright yellow eyes With a perfect green smile Face seen in a field of daisies A happy expression I like to see

Butterfly of Sparkles

Pretty green wings With blue little sparkles And yellow dots aglow All together Comes a beautiful butterfly

I Play the Violin 🎻

I love to sit beside my pond And play my violin The joyful sound of music With chirps of birds And the croak of my friends

Abstract Confusion

Among colors and plaids White bubbles float around Stripes in different directions Quite simply Abstract art is confusing

Whirls of Red and Gold

Its got a ripple effect Of ring after ring Colors of red and gold With a silver like lining Sure wont stare very long

Time For A Game

So many ways To use a ball Shoot, kick ace and hit All make a great day Whats your sport

Swirling Rainbow Glow

Bright colors That give off a glow Its circular motion Like a rainbow wave Glows in the dark

Finding Nectar

A warm sunny day Where i can find my nectar Daisies are my favorite They smell so nice And o’ so pretty


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