Foxy Eyes

Them bright blue eyes Stare hard and focused Pretty red hair Colors of perfection Deep in though

Six Petaled Flower

Such a beautiful flower Of purple and green Caught in sunlight It stands alone Singled to stand out

Musically Abstract

Bright bold colors With so many patterns Its the sound of music That brings my attention More than one art

Torus of Time

To the left is day To the right is night A day for sunlight Its time for the moon Time goes by

Bright and Bold

Such rich colors Appear just right together Perhaps they hang on a wall So others might see A masterpiece

Colorful Amoeba

Such colorful cells And such odd shapes That lay on sunny sand Their kinda like puddles Yet their not

Double Tweets

Pretty blue bird Stands alone I think Its like im seeing two So tweet tweet

Heart of Music

Melody and harmony Sharps and flats Come together n create music Such beautiful songs In amazing styles


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