Life of Music

The sound of music Brings life to my heart A melody and harmony Treble and bass Is a love so deep

Tweetin Rich

Colorful bird With that top hat n necklace A coin necklace He’s out for attention N striking it rich

Streaks of Color

Beautiful colors Go which way and that They look like feathers In the way That they fall

Dandelion Branch Wreath

Small branches intertwined With nature’s colors Dandelions encircle a star As a whole to make up A star like wreath of nature

Circus Mouse

Large purple feathers Sit atop a small round head Bright blue ears And little heart for a nose This squeak is sure to have fun

Music Symbols

Treble base and rests Time soft hard and more Various symbols with a term When brought together Beautiful music

Draped Pine

Nature’s loose like folds Of beautiful green To hang so nicely With a fresh fragrance Beautiful evergreen of old


Outdoor creature Looks so odd Bushy tail and long ears Big teeth and loves nuts Combine of squirrel and rabbit

Facial Glow

Wide curved eyes And a small round snout Small ears that lay back As a whole jus strange Such an odd facial face like glow


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