Songs From Birds

I hear beautiful singing Where nature comes alive A beautiful sound Heard from trees in the sky Songs from birds

Elf In My Stocking

I heard the sound of giggles Far late at night So went to see for myself, what was A small lil elf Tucked in my stocking to hide

Star of David

Outdoor branches Intertwined so well A beautiful star holds center With branches that encircle it I see the star of David

Nature’s Music

Flowers bring joy Just like sounds of music One grows from the ground Other from the heart Both grow in that upward way

Pretty Peacocks

Such beautiful birds With feathers like fans Noble and smart Full of speed and flight In awe of the colors


Bright green eyes And shiny red nose A friendly buck So eager to share Ruldolph


Tangled up colors Are woven together Bright and beautiful I see just right A butterfly

Train Tracks

Where does it go? How long is the ride? Fields and trees pass by quickly Sun shines with birds in the sky So much to see

Summer Swirl

Yellow purple green and blue Bright true colors Pulled together in a swirl With a sandy like glow Beautiful


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