Spring Flake

Branches and Leaves Intertwined together That form a beautiful flake Oh so pretty Spring the perfect season

Fall Spin

A spiral of colors Orange, blue, purple I think of fall season Variety of colors indeed O so pretty

Curly Haired

Great big smile And long curly hair Three colors quite pretty With a long green nose Makes such an odd face

Cave Colors

Various colors That glow so bright They reach both up and down Shine and sparkle In the dark

Flower Face

Small little flowers Intertwined so nicely Wings of a butterfly go opposite Cute small eyes Such a face of nature

Colorful Flower

A flower of colors With spirals and lines Eight pretty petals And center of bright colors Such a creative flower

Pine Green Flake

Nature’s dark green A beautiful color Looks like a flake aglow That floats around Such a beautiful flake


Small little critter With a stripe along it’s back Settled at base of a tree A favor to burrow by leaves Is his name Alvin


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