Turbulence of Colors

A disorder of colorful curves Both wide and slim Simple shapes And eyes that see Its quite turbulant

Face of a Cockatoo Pup

Such a feathery white With long yellow ears A large beak like nose Small lil eyes Its some odd looking pup

Dark Figure

It stands tall Against that midnight blue Those arms raised high With no face Quite eerie

Double the Ice

Tall tower of ice at night I think i see two Found one beige crumbled rock Those towers so tall With such a glow

Draped Greens

Beautiful greens Draped along a blue wall The scent of nature It hangs together Perfectly


Alternating colors Plaids and stripes Of jus how many I do not know Care to count

Toucans Gather

Beautiful birds With that long colored nose Gather together And form a ring A ring of songs

African Birds

Beautiful colors Of wings so pretty Each perched or stands content Full of happiness With a heart to sing


Stripes n circles of four Squares n stars of three Yet one of each Is off Which one?


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